James Marvin Whitt

We are proud to announce that Marvin is the new Outside Representative for Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry

He is charged with the responsibility of traveling throughout the Brotherhood. As he goes, he will be calling on congregations and visiting with individuals. He will be expressing thanks to those who support the Ministry financially. He will also be seeking new supporters who realize the part WWSLM plays in the promotion of spreading the Gospel. In addition, he also will be informing congregations and mission committees about WWSLM as a resource of a vast spectrum of literature that is available from us. We have material that can be useful tools to help establish and nourish the needs of congregations.

Here is some additional information about Marvin’s background. I think you will agree that he is well suited to the task:

“Marvin is a native Texan, having spent his early years growing up in a small town near Waco. After college he served two years as a youth minister before joining a mission team planning to go to the Philippines. However, his first overseas mission trip was a week-long trip to Panama, which helped to confirm his desire to serve in a foreign land. After two years in the Philippines, he met his wife-to-be there, and they were married in 1986. He and his wife continued in the Philippines as missionaries for almost 27 years and raised their two daughters there.

Marvin says, ‘The cultures of Latin America and the Philippines have many similarities. I’m very grateful to a part of a great ministry that impacts a huge portion of our world and, at the same time, provides some sort of connection to my roots in the Philippines.’”

If you would like Marvin or myself, James Satcher, to get in touch with you about a presentation or for any question you may contact us at:

Marvin: 325-660-0707 or

James: 940-692-4933 or