James Satcher


My association with Western Christian Foundation, the forerunner to Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry, started many years ago. I think in the 80’s. I had been involved with the work of the Mission Committee at Faith Village Church of Christ, here in Wichita Falls. Western Christian Foundation was one of the places which we had in our budget. It was during this time, that I was nominated to be on the Board of Directors of Western Christian Foundation. I was still there when we formally changed the name to: Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry, Inc. in 2003. It was a more fitting name since it basically states, what we did. Sending Spanish language tracts, Bible studies and other literary tools to every Spanish speaking country on the globe. Plus, to some other countries like Germany, England, the Philippine Islands and throughout the United States.

As time went on, as it has a habit of doing, our daughters both went into the AIM program  at SIBI in Lubbock. Stephanie went to Lisbon, Portugal and Melanie went to Quito, Ecuador. That is where my wife, Barbara and I got our first taste of mission work. It was a wonderful experience as we met and fellowshipped with brethren of these different cultures. Plus, we observed how receptive the general populace was to these tracts as we shared them on the streets of the cities.

In Ecuador,  and on medical mission trips to Nicaragua, Barbara and I observed the intense desire among Hispanics for this printed material. As we passed out the material of WWSLM on the streets, we were touched as they honked the horns of their cars in a polite abbreviated manner, asking that they be given a tract. They even rang the bells of their bicycles, or graciously and gladly took the tracts as they were offered on the sidewalks.

Yes, it was a visual and spiritual confirmation of their ‘hungering and thirsting for righteousness’. The Gospel was being brought by these little tracts and by the Bible studies of WWSLM.

It has been my honor to have been offered this position, by the Board of Directors, as Director of such a wonderful organization as WWSLM. It has, for many years, been such an effective tool to supplement the Truth of the Written Word of God.

I hereby, acknowledge the unselfish support of literally hundreds and hundreds of brethren who have given thousands and thousands of times to Western Christian Foundation and now, Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry. It is a very humbling experience to have ones’ very existence underwritten by the Grace of God and His people who were motivated to contribute. Let us all keep on, keeping on, our job is not done.

I close by saying simply saying, ‘Thank you very, very much’.