Meet the in-house staff of WWSLM: left to right we have Jessica Barron, Lorie Boyd, Jerry Stanford, Kate Nicholson, Winona Collins, Cintya Ramirez, and James Satcher. In appreciation of their service, we would like to recognize 3 of these team members for their years of service to the Lord, through this Ministry. First, we thank Winona for 33 years of faithful service. Second, we thank Jerry for 19 years of faithful service, and Thirdly, we thank Kate for 7 years of faithful service.

We all have different and varied talents which we bring to this wonderful Ministry. Just like in the Lord’s church and in life, these talents are blended together to perform specific tasks along each step in the production of vast array of literature.

We, the current staff acknowledge and salute our founders Dryden and Eva Sinclair. Their love for the Lord and concern for the lost was their motivation. We salute passed workers who played their roles on the formative years and sustaining years of the organization.

The entire staff acknowledges and thanks the hundreds and thousands of supporters who have sent and are sending in donations, authorized drafts on their accounts, and send memorials in the name of family and friends. Without all of them, we would not be here to respond to requests for these literary tools that help to proclaim the Good News of Jesus.