It Finally Arrives

Once the literature arrives, the seed is planted, and God gives the increase.

Congregational study and worship

Praising God

Churches of Christ are having more and more influence, within their communities.

Showing off their new study material

Distributing on the streets

As we know, people are the church, and those people are reaching out to others.

Bible class

New Bibles or songbooks

But, let us not forget the children, for they are the future teachers of God’s word.

Confessing Christ

Born Again

The results of planting God’s word is obedience to it through repentance, confession and baptism, to start new lives in Him.It is only through your support that we are able to provide the literature that aids in the growth of the church, and the saving of souls. We urge you to pray for the Lord’s work in the Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry, and to make a donation to help us.