I would like to thank the board members of Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the great work being done here. As the executive director I’m focused on the board’s mission to send biblical literature to the entire Spanish speaking world. I’m surrounded by a great team that knows how to navigate and operate through any situation in the most effective  manner.

I’m also surrounded by a great team at home. My wife Courtney married me 23 years ago, and I try not to let her ever regret it.  We have three sons, Jack, Jimmy, and Joel.  Courtney and our boys followed me around the world for 23 years while I served in the US Air Force.  Now our oldest son, Jack, is serving in the US Coast Guard, Jimmy is a cadet at the Air Force Academy, and Joel is a junior in high school.  Courtney does everything at Wichita Christian School, but mostly focuses on teaching English, History, and Earth science.

We have always been involved in a variety of ministries all over the world. Each military move was just another opportunity to serve the Lord in a new area. We led a children’s ministry in Alaska, performed VBS sketches in Utah, led a small group in Texas, took care of the grounds in Ohio, and taught & preached in Florida.  I’ve even had the opportunity to teach and preach in Turkey, Korea, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

I am thankful for all my experiences and look forward to using the skills I learned in the military to help this ministry, its people, and the board of directors to spread the Word of the Lord to the Spanish speaking World.


All glory goes to God.